Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Install YouTube Vanced without Root on MIUI Devices

On non-MIUI devices, we can use Vanced Manager to seamlessly install YouTube Vanced and its accompanying microG.

On MIUI, it's a bit more cumbersome -- we need to disable MIUI optimizations before we can install YouTube Vanced.

There is actually another way if you have a laptop with adb.

  1. Download and install Vanced Manager.
  2. Open Vanced Manager, install microG and Vanced. This will fail for both apps, just choose "Close" each time.
  3. Open a file manager, and go to /sdcard/Android/data/com.vanced.manager/files
  4. There is a microg folder, install the apk file inside this folder.
  5. There is a vanced folder, copy all the apk files inside this folder to your laptop, for example into ~/vanced
  6. Now you can uninstall Vanced Manager if you want.
  7. On your device, sign in to your Mi account.
  8. Enable Developer options
  9. Enable USB debugging
  10. Enable Install via USB
  11. On your laptop, navigate to the folder ~/vanced and execute this command: adb install-multiple *.apk
If the last step is successful, now you have YouTube Vanced installed on your phone.

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