Thursday, January 3, 2019

Cat 6 Cables

The other time I needed to connect two offices located inside one industrial complex, but located quite far from each other. Then I also needed to rewire some cables at home, so it was the perfect opportunity to test cable quality.

Here is the data:

Belden Cat 6 Solid Copper wire, Original product (I have to say this because there are many fake Belden products, so we need to specify which product we were testing)
  • 196m 100Mbps 

Telebit Cat 6 Solid CCA wire, I'm not aware of fake Telebit cables
  • 215m 10Mbps (FTP ~ 1.1 MB/s)
  • Initially the link went up at 100Mbps, but it renegotiated the speed and came down to 10Mbps instead 
  • 170m 100Mbps (FTP ~ 11 MB/s) 
  • 120m & 90m 1000Mbps (FTP ~ 100MB/s) 

I will update the post with more data when I test some more cables.

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